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Why Choose FocusCAD?

About FocusCAD

FocusCAD (NUOYAN PTY LTD) was founded in 2018. FocusCAD is a professional solution provider that mainly focusing on 3D digital product manufacturing, research, development, analysis and management. The company covers topological optimization, product design, engineering design, technical communication, validation, simulation, data management, Intelligent NC machining, 3D printing and other innovative technology fields. FocusCAD is committed to helping customers improve the way of product development and manufacturing. Also helping customers continuous innovate and maintain competitive strength.


FocusCAD founder has been focusing on 3D digital product development and management for about 20 years. The overseas team has served over a thousand enterprises.
The team has worked with Dassault for more than 14 years, and has won Dassault Global Best Partner awards many times.

Service Tenet

Adhering to the business philosophy of openness, cooperation and win-win, we have always maintained long-term and stable strategic partnership with international leading manufacturers in the industry. FocusCAD is the authorized agent in Australia of SOLIDWORKS under French Dassault Group, a famous leader in the field of manufacturing informatization

Enterprise positioning

manufacturing 3d digital product research and development management of the overall solution provider (CAID/CAD/P&ID/CAE/CFD/CAM/PDM/PCB/EDA/VR/RP/ToolsDeveloping/Consulting)

Business goal

Committed to helping customers build 3D digital product research and development management platform, cultivate R&D and innovative talents, establish processes and norms based on 3D product research and development management, continuous innovation, so as to maintain a leading position in the competition.

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